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Consistency and Loyalty

HRIS and Applicant Tracking software is compatible with popular employee monitoring systems, e.g. Work Examiner software.. All user and activity data collected can be shared between these solutions to increase HR management efficiency. Also, you may use a single point for scheduled reports generation, various policy alerts, database data management. Customers get a high synergy effect from this kind of interaction.

For over 20 years, Infotrends Research Group has been developing and enhancing HRIS and Applicant Tracking software to meet the ever-changing needs of the Human Resource professional in small and medium-sized companies.

Our focus has always been on meeting the needs of our loyal Infotrends software users while building new relationships with users looking for truly easy-to-learn and friendly HR software.


Meeting Your Needs

We continually enhance our HRIS and Applicant Tracking software, incorporating new technologies and new features to meet the constant changes in the HR world. Over the years we've added fields that allow our users to collect more employee information such as job history, skills, training, and just about anything else you might require in an HRIS. Yet we have maintained a friendly,  easy-to-use interface, making !Trak-It HR and !Trak-It Applicant software that is truly quick to learn and easy to use.

    See For Yourself

Download a FREE working version of our software and receive a no-obligation, personal walk-through demonstrating how easy our software is to use.


Affordably Priced

Infotrends software has always been priced right for all size organizations. We publish our prices HERE so you can know up front what your costs will be.