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Technical Support

Support and Updates Service

New Features and Updates

You will automatically receive major new releases of Infotrends Software, as well as product enhancements. We constantly strive to make our software as complete, user-friendly and helpful as possible, so many of these new features are added in response to customer requests.

Fast-Trak Training for New Customers

The Fast-Trak program is our unique way of helping new Infotrends users quickly setup and begin inputting employee information after installing our software on their computer. Fast-Trak training for !Trak-It HR and Fast-Trak training for !Trak-It Applicant.

User Manuals and Documentation

Each major release includes new user manuals. In addition, if a supplemental product update requires additional documentation, an addendum to the manual will be included.

Government-Required Records and Reports

We will make the appropriate changes in the software and documentation to keep abreast of changing laws and regulations involving government-required records and reports.

Correction of Errors

No matter how carefully software is tested, occasionally a problem can occur. If you report an error or a bug in the software, we will correct it as quickly as possible and send you a corrected version of the software ASAP.

Excellent Hot line Telephone Support

Our friendly, knowledgeable technical support staff offers excellent telephone support. Chances are, you will get right through when you call in. However, if you need to leave a message, you will receive a return call as soon as possible. You will not have to wait hours, or even days, for someone to get back to you.

Limitations and Exclusions

Please note that Infotrends Technical Support is subject to Limitations and Exclusions.

Infotrends Research Group Technical Support may be reached 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.Arizona Time, Monday through Friday for customers currently subscribed to our Support and Updates Service.

E-Mail: Online Support Form
Phone: (916) 780-8700 ext. 127