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Seasoned Recruiting Tool Turns Professional

!Trak-It Applicant - Introduces Professional Recruiter’s Edition

Roseville, Calif. – June 26, 2006 “Good recruiting software is hard to come by unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for it.” declared John Enyedy President of Infotrends Research Group. “Today we are introducing our !Trak-It Applicant – Recruiter’s Edition that is feature rich and reasonably priced.” !Trak-It Applicant, originally designed for in-house recruiters, has been enhanced and tweaked for over 10 years based on actual user feedback. Today it is a very versatile and usable applicant tracking system. !Trak-It Applicant is a LAN based system installed on the client’s network and includes 3 major parts: a self-service option providing a company job board that can easily be integrated with the exiting user’s web site; an industrial strength parsing engine that is HR-XML compliant; and a very extensive series of user screens to track almost everything about a candidate and the placement process. There are over 20 user definable fields to track items that are unique to each client’s business.

The Recruiter’s edition includes a screen to track each client and one to track the details of each job order. An additional field has been added to each detail screen, such as former employers, education, training, skills etc. for adding a note of up to 8 typed pages about that particular item. For instance, while interviewing a candidate about a particular past employment position, a note about that job can be entered on the same screen as the details of the job. The job data in the detail screen fields was automatically extracted when the resume was parsed and the detail record created. This new note field helps busy recruiters keep information appropriately organized while conducting phone interviews.

!Trak-It Applicant has built-in emailing, document attachment, unlimited notes, unlimited history, a letter generator, over 100 standard reports and an easy to use report writer - and there is so much more. Visit our website to discover more about !Trak-It Applicant or our other products and company. !Trak-It Applicant is very easy to learn and use. It is self-installed and can be easily learned with !Trak-It’s Fast-Trak phone training. It is the ideal solution for staffing companies with a limited budget. !Trak-It Applicant includes many standard features found only in much more expensive recruiting solutions.