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Human Resource Information System - Grievance Tracking

Employee Grievance Tracking Option

One of the biggest challenges facing HR professionals in a union environment is tracking and staying on top of complaints, disciplinary actions, disputes and grievances. Until now the person charged with this responsibility usually used a filing cabinet full of dog-eared folders, a day-timer or white board and lots of sticky notes to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks or exposed the company to a liability. Even then they probably didn't sleep too well, always thinking that they may have inevitably forgotten something.

!Trak-It HR is the first general purpose HR system that tracks complaints, disciplinary actions, disputes and grievances directly,much as it tracks benefits and salary changes. This new extra cost option provides not only for tracking of the details of the incident but also all the dated steps to bring the item to resolution. For each incident an unlimited number of user defined steps can be specified. Each step includes the "Action" that was taken, the "Response" to the action by the employee and the "Next" anticipated action to be taken. A triggered follow-up note can be pre-set for any date. On that date when you login to !Trak-It HR a reminder will immediately pop up, directing you to the specific action that you need to take. Once you start using the !Trak-It Grievance tracking system, you and your harried HR staff will be getting a better night's rest.

The Grievance tracking option includes:

  • Unlimited incidents per employee
  • Unlimited user defined steps per incident
  • Large on-line text field for full incident description for up to eight pages of text
  • Additional large text fields for full text about related incidents, mediators, actions and responses
  • Dated follow-up tickler so you don't miss a deadline
  • Report queue that reminds you to run pre-scheduled reports
  • Standard reports and custom reports for hard copy files
  • Security to limit others from accessing this highly sensitive information
There is much more to this new Grievance tracking feature. The best way to understand it's full scope and benefit to your organization is to download a demo version of the new !Trak-It HR and try it out.

If complaints, disciplinary actions, disputes and grievance tracking has been your nemesis then you owe it to yourself to see how !Trak-It HR can help you.